NEOWAVE has been awarded « Cybersecurity Made in Europe », a label initiated by the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO). Issued by Hexatrust, in charge of reviewing the application process, it certifies that NEOWAVE’s activity is developed on the basis of trusted European values.


ECSO, for a European digital autonomy


The aim of the ECSO association is to develop a competitive European cybersecurity ecosystem by providing reliable cybersecurity solutions. Ultimately, it intends to contribute to the advancement of European digital sovereignty and strategic autonomy.

The “Cybersecurity Made in Europe” label created by ECSO raises awareness of the strategic value of cybersecurity companies originating in Europe and developing their business based on trusted European values.


NEOWAVE meets ECSO criteria


Holders of the ECSO label meet strict selection criteria:

  • Headquarters located in Europe
  • European ownership: no major ownership/control from the outside Europe
  • Europe as a primary business place (>50% of cybersecurity R&D activities and >50% of staff)
  • Trustworthy cybersecurity products and services (respecting ENISA’s* requirements including the “No Backdoor” clause)
  • GDPR compliant

NEOWAVE successfully fulfills all these criteria. Specializing in strong authentication and secure transactions, it integrates security constraints from the design phase (“Security by design”) of its products through to the production and deployment phases.

“This distinction reflects our continuous commitment to offering trustworthy products 100% made in France in compliance with European security standards. It will also bring greater visibility to our business partners and end users ”, declares Bruno BERNARD, CEO of NEOWAVE.

* Hexatrust : cluster of innovative companies acting together to promote and build trust in Cloud and Cyber excellency
*ENISA : European Union Agency for Cybersecurity


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