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winkeo sim

Winkeo-C SIM

Winkeo-C SIM is a USB Type-C PC/SC Micro-SIM card reader. NEOWAVE facilitates the integration of dematerialization solutions for various applications utilizing Micro-SIM cards. The Winkeo-C SIM key serves as a perfect bridge to the PC for the Micro-SIM cards employed in these diverse applications.

NEOWAVE awarded Cybersecurity Made in Europe

USB-C PC / SC Micro-SIM card reader (ISO 7816)

Support for microprocessor cards and main memory cards

Easy to install (PC/SC CCID)

Ideal format for a small footprint

In mini USB-C token format, the Winkeo-C SIM key is suitable for the office world. Thanks to its PC/SC CCID compatibility, it can be easily installed, implemented and integrated in a PC environment. These drivers are compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS  (no driver is required on recent systems).


PC interface

• USB 2.0 Type-C Full speed

Supported cards

ISO 7816 class B, C cards (3V and 1.8V)
Smart cards (protocols T=0 and T=1)

Supported OS

Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS


  • ISO 7816 (B and C / 3V and 1.8V)
  • CE, FCC, WEEE, UL,
  • RoHS
  • Activity LED
  • Operating temperature range: 0°c to 50°C
  • Relative humidity level: 10% to 80%

Size / Weight

Length: 39.7 mm / Width: 17 mm / Thickness: 8.25 mm / Weight: 5 g

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