Holdeo BLE or USB Type-C smart card reader


The Holdeo Connected Badge Holder is a universal contact smart card reader with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and USB-C connectivities. It allows communication with a PC (in USB mode) or with a nomadic terminal, smartphone or tablet (in BLE mode). It offers all professionals logical and physical security solutions. It is based on standards (Bluetooth, USB, PC/SC…) and is easy to deploy in mobile and office environments.

NEOWAVE Cybersecurity Made in Europe label

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication interface or USB Type-C port

Multifunction button

320 mAh Li-Po battery

SDK for Android and iOS

The Holdeo smart card reader can be used with all smart card applications: electronic signature, strong authentication, encryption, e-health, digital identity, etc.
Light and autonomous thanks to its rechargeable battery, it adapts perfectly to the workplace in a PC or nomadic environment (smartphone or tablet).


BLE interface

BLE > 5.0 module
• Multi-protocol Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 2.4GHz, embedded antenna
• Component / BLE type: CPU 32-bit ARM CORTEX M4F, 512 KB RAM and 64 KB SDRAM
• FCC/EU/IC/TELEC certifications

PC interface

USB Type-C 2.0 Full speed

Supported cards

Ultra Low Power microcontroller/Smart Card Reader
• ISO 7816 classes B and C cards (3V and 1,8V)
• Microprocessor cards (T=0 and T=1 protocols)

Supported OS

Windows/MacOS/Linux/Unix, Android 6.0+, iOS 13+


320mAh Li-Po battery with 3 levels of charge sensing (full, low, empty)

Multifunction button

On/Off, USB or BLE mode change, user action

Micro push button

Factory reset

LED indicators

Red LED: battery charge level
Green LED: USB mode
Blue LED: Bluetooth mode
Orange LED: user action

Provision of an SDK for Android and iOS

PS/SC Lite compatible
Secure mode, using 256-bit AES encryption, to protect communications between the mobile and the Connected Card Holder

Size / Weight

Length 135 mm / Width 72 mm / Thickness 13 mm / Weight 52 g

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