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NEOWAVE ID 2.0 range with Winkeo, Weneo security keys and Badgeo smart card

ID 2.0 range

Our ID 2.0 products use strong authentication techniques based on smart cards. They host certificates for all dematerialization-related services.

NEOWAVE's FIDO2 range with Winkeo FIDO2 security keys and Badgeo NFC FIDO2 and Badgeo Dual FIDO2 smart cards for strong authentication on the Web and the cloud

FIDO2 range

These products allow authentication on the web and in the cloud.


FIDO2 + ID 2.0 range from NEOWAVE with Winkeo-A and C FIDO2 + QSCD security keys and Badgeo FIDO2 + QSCD smart card for strong authentication on the Web and the cloud and for a secure electronic signature.

FIDO2 + ID 2.0 range

The FIDO2 + ID 2.0 range provides highly reliable strong authentication and qualified electronic signature solutions, while remaining user-friendly.



Smart card reader range of NEOWAVE

Smart card readers

NEOWAVE smart card readers simplify the implementation of multiple secure applications thanks to their PS/SC CCID compatibility.