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For simple integration in a desktop environment

The NEOWAVE range of smart card readers simplifies the implementation of multiple secure applications.
They are easily installed and integrated in your desktop environment thanks to their PS / SC CCID compatibility.

Easy to install (PC / SC CCID)

Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac and Android operating systems without installing drivers

PC interface: USB 2.0 Full speed, PC / SC, CCID, WHQL

Our solutions

Contact and / or contactless smart card readers (RFID / NFC) and USB Micro-SIM card reader.
weneo id


Contact smart card reader with USB interface (vertical card insertion)

LinkeoA-Y is a USB Type-A tabletop contact smart card reader (ISO 7816) with a USB-A interface made by NEOWAVE allowing easy integration into an office environment.


Contact smart card reader with USB-A interface
(horizontal card insertion)


LinkeoC-Y, a contact smart card reader from NEOWAVE, a USB Type-C


Contact smart card reader with USB-C interface
(horizontal card insertion)


Holdeo Connected Badge Holder with contact


Universal contact smart card reader with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and USB-C connectivities

NFC contactless reader Linkeo-NFC


Table-top RFID / NFC contactless reader

Weneo SIM, a USB PC/SC Mini-SIM card reader

Weneo-A SIM

USB stick Mini-SIM card reader


USB Type-A PC/SC Micro-SIM card reader, Winkeo-A SIM

Winkeo-A SIM

USB Type-A PC/SC Micro-SIM card reader


weneo id

Winkeo-C SIM

USB Type-C PC/SC Micro-SIM card reader


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