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LinkeoA-Y is a USB Type-A tabletop contact smart card reader (ISO 7816) with a USB-A interface made by NEOWAVE allowing easy integration into an office environment.


LinkeoA-Y is a simple and efficient USB Type-A tabletop contact smart card reader (ISO 7816). Its USB-A interface allows easy integration into an office environment.

awarded Cybersecurity Made in Europe

Contact smart card reader (ISO 7816)

Support for smart cards and main memory cards

Easy to install (PC / SC CCID)

Ideal for online transactions

The LinkeoA-Y contact smart card reader facilitates the implementation of dematerialization solutions for multiple smart card-based applications.

It constitutes a perfect link with the PC for contact cards implemented in these different applications.
The LinkeoA-Y has a simple and light design, totally suitable for smart card applications such as payment, identity, loyalty, transport, access control, network security, healthcare applications…

Thanks to its PC / SC CCID compatibility, it can be easily installed, implemented and integrated into a PC environment. Its drivers are compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android systems (no driver is required on recent systems).


PC interface

USB Type-A 2.0 Full speed
• PC / SC

Supported cards

ISO 7816 classes A, B and C cards (5V, 3V and 1.8V)
Smart cards (T=0 and T=1 protocols)
Support for PPS commands (Protocols and Parameters Selection)

Supported OS

Windows, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, Android


• ISO 7816 (A, B and C / 5V, 3V, 1,8V)
• EN 60950/ IEC 6095
• Rohs
• Short circuit protection on all pins
• Activity LED
• Consumption: 50mA (standby) 200mA (maximum in operation)
• Operating temperature range: 0°c to 50°C
• Relative humidity level: 10% to 80%

Size / Weight

Length: 73 mm / Width: 65 mm / Thickness: 12 mm / Weight: 35 g / Color: transparent / Cable: length 0.5 m / Card connector life: >100 000 cycles

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