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Our vision

In a context of increasing digitalization, the implementation of strong authentication solutions is essential to face the profound changes in security issues. The number of cyber ​​attacks impacting businesses, institutions and individuals has multiplied in recent years. The need to protect one’s digital identity is crucial. Guided by our vision of an increasingly connected world and of the growing threats and risks, NEOWAVE has made several structuring strategic choices:

  • Offer strong authentication devices based on secure components certified Common Criteria EAL5 + and digital certificates
  • Control the entire production cycle and be part of an eco-citizen approach by manufacturing its products in France
  • Have its products certified by European agencies to comply with national and European regulations: Military Programming Law (LPM), Network and Information System Security (NIS) Directive, General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), Electronic IDentification, Authentication and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS), European Payment Services Directive 2nd version (DSP2,…).

Our positioning

NEOWAVE is a French company specializing in strong authentication and secure transactions. NEOWAVE offers three families of products:

  • ID 2.0 solutions (smart cards and USB tokens with middleware)
  • FIDO products (smart cards and USB tokens compatible with FIDO U2F and FIDO2 standards)
  • Contact and contactless smart card readers
NEOWAVE products combine the high level of security offered by the smart card with storage and connectivity technologies: USB, contactless RFID / NFC technologies, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). They target the cybersecurity, digital trust and identity management markets.

NEOWAVE’s technological expertise enables it to support professionals, communities and individuals on projects of various sizes and complexity and to offer them an optimal solution at the right price.

A little history

NEOWAVE was founded in June 2007 in Gardanne (13) by Bruno BERNARD and 3 other partners with a positioning around Smart Objects: multi-application solutions for different markets (transport, payment, loyalty, security of business…).

Bruno BERNARD, former member of the STMicroelectronics group and founder of the Innova Card company acquired by Maxim-Integrated, is an entrepreneur whose core values are integrity, professionalism, innovation and respect for his teams, partners and customers.

Since its creation, he has run the company with the same enthusiasm and values. In 2012 he refocused the company’s activity on the digital security market and adopted the FIDO standard in 2015.

NEOWAVE's premisesNEOWAVE has attracted many prestigious clients in the public and private sectors as well as certification authorities and digital trust players.

NEOWAVE has built and reinforced its technological, industrial and commercial partnerships.

NEOWAVE’s technological expertise gives it strong credibility with professional organizations such as the global competitive cluster SCS (Secure Communicating Solutions), the French association Hexatrust, the International Alliance FIDO (Fast Identity Online) and the ACN Alliance (Alliance for digital trust). It is also referenced by UGAP (Union des Groupements d’Achats Publics) in the catalog of SCC publishers.

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