NEOWAVE and WISeKey explain the need for strong authentication solutions in today’s connected world, and the advantages of FIDO keys. It highlights the advanced performance and security features of the Winkeo FIDO2 security key. These features are the result of an extensive collaboration with WISeKey and are powered by its MS 6003 series secure element, Common Criteria CCEAL5+ Certified​.

Strong authentication, an effective solution to protect yourself from cyberattacks 

Strong authentication is now part of our daily life. The sophistication of data theft techniques is such that a simple authentication is no longer enough to guarantee optimal protection. Additional security is essential.

Increased use of connected devices and online services raise huge cybersecurity challenges whether for states, businesses or individuals. These new uses store more personal and confidentiels data every day. They break the traditional user security boundaries.

Increasingly sophisticated hacking techniques are emerging: MITM (Man-In-The-Middle), phishing attacks, malware and other cyber attacks that have become more complex. Strengthening access and data security becomes a necessity.

One of the mechanisms to increase security is strong authentication. What is strong authentication? Why is it effective? What are strong authentication methods?

NEOWAVE’s Winkeo FIDO2 (+U2F) security key use-case

The Winkeo FIDO2 security key is a trusted hardware device, designed and made by NEOWAVE. It integrates a component secured by WISeKey. The combination of FIDO authentication with such hardware device ensures a very high level of security while simplifying the user experience. The Winkeo FIDO2 security key is a strong authentication solution and is effective against phishing and similar attacks. How it works?

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