NEOWAVE, a French specialist in strong authentication and secure transactions, launches Winkeo FIDO2, the first security key designed and manufactured in France compatible with the FIDO2 and FIDO U2F standards. This new product simplifies secure access to web services. It has been developed in accordance with the ANSSI* General Security Referential (GSR) and meets European security regulations: eIDAS, GDPR, PSD2 …

« Made in France » at a very affordable price

Winkeo FIDO2 is compatible with Windows 10, Azure Active Directory… and replaces passwords (Passwordless) in an efficient way. It also integrates the FIDO U2F standard that supports many services (Gmail, Google Apps for Work, Facebook, Dropbox, etc.).

It contains a smart card component certified Common Criteria EAL5+.

It is made in France for control of the entire production cycle and safety requirements.

The main operating systems and browsers are supported (Windows, Mac OS, Linux Android and iOS. Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge…).

Winkeo FIDO2 is very easy to use and does not require any software installation on the client workstation.

Price: € 19.99 (tax incl.)

Download the complete technical data sheet: Winkeo FIDO2 flyer

Video presentation:

As a member of the FIDO International Alliance since its creation, NEOWAVE continues to expand its range of FIDO2 and FIDO U2F compatible authentication products.

Badgeo FIDO2
Dual interface smart card (contact and contactless / NFC). It can be used with a smart card reader (contact and / or contactless) or an NFC compatible smartphone.
Price: € 19.99 (tax incl.)

Winkeo FIDO U2F
Second-factor authentication security USB key. Just enter your usual login and password, plug in the key and press the button.
Price: € 14.49 (tax incl.)

NEOWAVE’s FIDO range products are currently available on Amazon, Cdiscount and its new online store:

« The rise in homeworking and dematerialization have increased phishing attempts by more than 400% during lockdown. Hacking techniques are becoming more sophisticated: MITM-type attacks, malware, phishing and other cyber attacks. Strengthening access and data security becomes a necessity. Simple authentication with a code sent to our mobile phones is no longer sufficient to guarantee optimal protection. In addition, the passwords we use are often too weak and used too regularly on the sites we visit. ” declares Bruno BERNARD, CEO of NEOWAVE. 

About: NEOWAVE was founded in 2007 in Gardanne (13) with a positioning around Smart objects: multi-application solutions for many communities of use (transport, payment, loyalty, security for business…). In 2012, the company refocused activity on the digital security market and adopted the FIDO standard in 2015. NEOWAVE has won over a number of prestigious clients in the public and private sectors, certification authorities and trust digital players. NEOWAVE has built and strengthened solid technological, industrial and commercial partnerships that create value. Its technological expertise gives it strong credibility with professional organizations of which it is a member such as the global competitive cluster SCS (Secure Communicating Solutions), the French cybersecurity association Hexatrust and the International FIDO Alliance (Fast Identity Online)..

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