NEOWAVE is now referenced as a provider of FIDO2 security USB keys and smart cards for Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Windows 10/11.

NEOWAVE’s FIDO2 Winkeo USB keys and Badgeo smart cards meet all Microsoft’s security requirements to authenticate with Azure Active Directory and to log on to Windows 10/11.

NEOWAVE has chosen to implement the FIDO2 protocol in a trusted hardware device that integrates a secure component. The combination of “passwordless” authentication with such hardware device ensures a very high level of security while simplifying the user experience. NEOWAVE’s FIDO range products are 100% designed and made in France and comply with European security requirements.

NEOWAVE FIDO2 USB keys and smart cards main features: 

– Credential generation, management and storage (up to 200 in the smart card)
– Smart card component certified Common Criteria EAL5+
– Compatible with FIDO2/WebAuthn, FIDO U2F and most Web services (Gmail, Google Apps for Work, Facebook, Dropbox…)
– Compatible with mainstream operating systems and browsers (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS, Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge …)
– No software installation needed on the client workstation
– Perfectly suited for digital trust players (electronic signature, encryption, registered letter, consent, financial services, insurance, health, etc.).

As a member of the International FIDO Alliance since its creation, NEOWAVE continues to expand its range of authentication products compatible with FIDO standards. They are available at its distributors, on Amazon, Cdiscount, and on its online store.

« This partnership with Microsoft is a further step for NEOWAVE as a recognized provider of leading strong authentication solutions. It is part of our constant push to offer the best solutions in the field.» declares Bruno BERNARD, President of NEOWAVE.

About FIDO:
The FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) consortium is an international alliance that collaborates to strengthen the security of Web access and to replace solutions based on one-time passwords (OTP or One-Time-Password). The FIDO standard is already adopted by most world Internet leaders such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Bank of America, WordPress, etc… FIDO is a solution of the future that meets the current challenge of securing web access.

NEOWAVE is an innovative French company, created in 2007, specializing in strong authentication and secure transactions. NEOWAVE products combine the high level of security provided by smart cards with the advantages of connectivity and storage technologies: USB, RFID / NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). NEOWAVE products and services address the cybersecurity, digital trust and identity management markets.

Press contact : Corinne JOACHIN – NEOWAVE – Communication and Marketing Manager
+33 (0)7 66 22 83 45 –

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