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For maximum access protection for your computer and mobile data

NEOWAVE’s line of ID 2.0 solutions uses strong authentication techniques with smart cards. It is a scalable solution for hosting Windows logon certificates, Active Directory (AD) access, electronic signatures, encryption, SSO, etc.


Compatible with most software and equipment deployed in companies, professional organizations and communities.

Comfort and security

Centralized management of all logical or physical access rights for optimized comfort and increased security.


Complies with the requirements of the Military Programming Law (LPM), the “Network and Information System Security” directive (NIS) and the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).

Our solutions

weneo id

Weneo ID 2.0

Multifunction USB token

weneo id

Winkeo ID 2.0

Mini USB token
weneo id

Badgeo ID 2.0

Contact and / or NFC smart cards


Smart card security

Password protected storage

Impossible to clone your stored identity

Graphic and electrical customization

Additional customization services

Wide compatibility

logo windows
logo apple
logo linux
logo android


Middleware software to interface with business applications

Secure element certified common criteria EAL5 +

Interface with tools integrated into Windows and / or those of our partners

Certificate generation (PKI) & MIFARE / DESFires keys

Enrollment (Solution ID 2.0 / User association)

Provisional or final revocation of logical or physical rights

Reliable and secure open source middleware software

safesign archi

When deploying a smart card-based solution such as our ID 2.0 solutions, “Middleware” must be installed to provide the CSP (MS Crypto Service Provider / CryptoAPI) and PKCS # 11 software interfaces necessary for your operating system (Windows, Mac OS X or Linux) and third-party software solutions (encryption, SSO, signature, etc.) wishing to use smart card security. AET’s SafeSign Identity Client software is a reliable and open solution, deployed on a very large scale.

safe sign

A tailor-made offer for your professional activity

ID 2.0 solutions are applicable to all business sectors.

Public sector

Local authorities, hospital, state

Private sector

Operators of Vital Importance (OIV), ETI and SMEs

Certification Authorities (ACs)

For further information on NEOWAVE's offer

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