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winkeo ID 2.0

Winkeo-A ID 2.0

Winkeo-A ID 2.0 is a USB Type-A token (integrated smart card) with middleware to protect access to computer networks, premises and mobile data. It uses strong authentication techniques and constitutes a scalable solution allowing to host certificates for Windows logon, access to Active Directory (AD), electronic signature, encryption, SSO, etc.

NEOWAVE awarded Cybersecurity Made in Europe

USB PC / SC smart card reader

Smart card certified Common Criteria EAL5 +

Middleware allowing access to business applications

Winkeo ID 2.0 solutions are compatible with most software and equipment deployed in companies, professional organizations and communities. Winkeo-A ID 2.0 allows you to centrally manage all logical access rights. The tools integrated into Windows and / or those of our partners interface with Winkeo ID 2.0 solutions to allow:

  • Certificate generation (PKI)
  • Enrollment (Winkeo / User association)
  • Provisional or final revocation of logical rights


Smart card

Integrated smart card (Micro SIM)
• Java Card ™ / GlobalPlatform
• Certified Common Criteria EAL5 +


Middleware AET SafeSign Identity Client (CSP/KSP/PKCS#11)

Wide compatibility

Directories, PKI, SSO, VPN, Encryption, Electronic Signature…

Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac Os X and Linux

Size / Weight

Length 51 mm / Width: 17 mm / Thickness: 9 mm / Weight: 6 g

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