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weneo id 2.0

Weneo ID 2.0

Weneo ID 2.0 is a personal object to protect your data in mobility and to secure network access. It uses strong authentication techniques from smart cards and constitutes a scalable solution making it possible to host certificates for Windows logon, access to Active Directory (AD), electronic signature, encryption, SSO, etc.
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USB PC / SC smart card reader

Common Criteria EAL5 + certified secure element

Middleware software for accessing business applications

NFC interface (ISO / IEC 14443)

Secure storage

Weneo ID 2.0 solutions are compatible with most software and equipment deployed in companies, professional organizations and communities. Weneo ID 2.0 allows you to centrally manage all logical access rights. The tools integrated into Windows and / or those of our partners interface with Weneo ID 2.0 solutions to allow:
• Certificate generation (PKI)
• Enrollment (Weneo / User association)
• Provisional or final revocation of logical rights


Size / Weight

Length 72 mm / Width 35 mm / Thickness 9 mm / Weight 20 g

Smart card

Java Card ™ embedded smart card (EAL5 + Common Criteria certified) / 2nd SIM smart card (RGS certified or other)


Middleware AET SafeSign Identity Client (CSP/KSP/PKCS#11)

Contactless mode

ISO 14443

Wide compatibility

Directories, PKI, SSO, VPN, Encryption, Electronic Signature…

Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac Os X, Linux, Android

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