Strong authentication and secure transactions

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weneo id

Winkeo FIDO2

  • USB key with smart card component
  • A strong and simplified authentication for the web and the cloud
  • Compatible with FIDO2 and FIDO U2F
  • Smart card component certified Common Criteria EAL5+
winkeo fido U2F

Winkeo FIDO U2F

  • Strong “Plug & Play” authentication for the Web / Cloud
  • Ease of use
  • Key storage on a smart card
  • FIDO member
badgeo id

Badgeo ID 2.0

  • Contact and / or NFC smart cards with middleware
  • Secure element certified Common Criteria EAL5 +
  • Supplied with middleware software (strong authentication, signature, encryption)
badgeo id

Winkeo ID 2.0

  • USB key with an integrated smart card
  • Strong authentication for logical and/or physical access
  • Smart card certified Common Criteria EAL5 +
  • Middleware software enabling access to business applications

Strengthen and simplify access management


New technological uses pose security challenges

Increased use of connected devices and online services raise huge cybersecurity challenges whether for states, businesses or individuals. These new uses store more personal and confidential data every day. They break the traditional user security boundaries.

Hacking techniques are becoming more complex

Increasingly sophisticated hacking techniques are emerging: MITM (Man-In-The-Middle), phishing attacks, malware and other cyber attacks that have become more complex. Strengthening access and data security becomes a necessity. Simple authentication is no longer enough to guarantee optimal protection. Additional security is essential.

Strong authentication is the answer to these threats

Strong authentication responds to these security challenges. As specialists in strong authentication and secure transactions, NEOWAVE offers efficient solutions for information systems security and sensitive data infrastructures.
There are multiple security strategies but each identity is unique. We help you choose the solution best suited to your business needs and security constraints.

Why choose NEOWAVE?

NEOWAVE is an innovative company specializing in strong authentication and secure transactions. Our main mission is to protect companies’ and individuals’ digital assets through strong authentication technologies based on secure components and digital certificates.

Our solutions address the cybersecurity, digital trust and identity management markets.

Our expertise and flexibility allow us to support and advise clients on their specific projects.

Innovative products with proven performance

NEOWAVE products combine the high level of security offered by smart cards with the advantages of storage and connectivity technologies: USB, RFID/NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Designed and manufactured in France, they meet the security requirements of European agencies.


100% Made in France

in compliance with European regulations and standards for digital security

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Secure components

EAL5 + certified by ANSSI

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France Cyber Security Labelling

in 2016, 2017 and 2019


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